Wheels and tires are responsible for keeping the vehicle on the road. Wheels also allow a vehicle to steer, giving the driver control over the vehicle. However, when the wheels are defective, drivers can face blowouts, steering problems, or lose control of the vehicle, leading to a serious accident. 

When a wheel problem is identified, the car dealer or manufacturer should be held responsible. Consumers should not have to drive around on unsafe wheels, putting themselves and their passengers at risk. If your vehicle has defective wheels or other safety problems, the California Lemon Lawyer may be able to help you get compensation, a replacement vehicle, or vehicle repairs.

Wheels Systems in Motor Vehicles

It may not seem like wheels have changed that much over the years. However, wheels are part of the intricate steering and braking systems. The wheel operation may depend on the features of the vehicle, including anti-lock braking systems (ABS), front or rear-wheel drive, rack and pinion steering, or conventional steering gear system, all-wheel-drive (AWD), or individual-wheel drive (IWD). 

With the integration of the wheel with steering, braking, and safety features, there are a number of areas where design defects and manufacturing defects can impact the safety of the vehicle. Wheel problems in cars, trucks, and SUVs can include:  

  • Welding defects,
  • Substandard materials,
  • Electrical problems,
  • Software problems, 
  • Cracks in the wheel,
  • Profile defects,
  • Surface defects,
  • Manufacturing defects, or
  • Faulty designs.

Wheels Falling Off

A number of Mazda vehicles were recalled for something as simple as loose lug nuts. Mazda recalled almost 25,000 vehicles because the lug nuts may not have been properly tightened during manufacturing. During normal driving, there was a potential for the wheels to fall off. This could cause a crash or leave the driver unable to steer the vehicle clear from dangerous traffic. 

Wheel Wobble or Vibration

Wheel wobble and vibration could be a sign of a number of problems, including a worn tire, damaged wheel, suspension problems, or alignment issue. Serious wobbling and vibration can make it difficult for the driver to maintain control of the vehicle, which can increase the risk of an accident, especially on the highways or freeways. 

Wheel Defects Impacting Other Vehicle Systems

Wheel problems can also damage other vehicle systems, including the steering system and brakes. When wheel bearings fail due to a defect, leak, or manufacturing issue, the wheels cannot turn freely. This can impact the transmission, axles, CV joint, and other parts of the vehicle. In some cases, wheel defects are not noticed until they have done damage to other parts of the vehicle, necessitating expensive repairs. 

California Lemon Lawyer for Wheel Problems  

California's Lemon Law provides protection for vehicle owners with faulty wheels and defective wheel components that could be dangerous. Contact The Lemon Lawyer today to help you understand your rights and options, including getting a refund, returning a faulty vehicle, free repairs or replacement, or other compensation for a defective car, truck, or SUV.

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