Are You Driving A Lemon?

Is your car constantly in the repair shop? Are you spending thousands on repairs for a car that should be covered under a warranty? You may have a case if you are constantly plagued by car troubles from a car you bought from a dealer.

California's Lemon Law

California law protects drivers from predatory sales tactics and abuse from car manufacturers and dealerships. There are many aspects to practicing lemon law, so you will want a dedicated attorney on your case. We have extensive experience handling cases involving both manufacturers and dealerships.

Don't Hesitate

The longer you let your car sit in the shop, the greater the cost is to you. If you think you may have a case, get in touch with one of our attorneys today.


In California, next to a house, a person's most important purchase is often their car. Without a car, a person loses access to their most reliable form of transportation. When you purchase a vehicle, you have a reasonable expectation for your vehicle to be within a certain working order. When you have car trouble, it affects nearly every area of your life. A lack of personal transportation means having to get rides to work, to pick up your kids, or even just to go to the store. On top of this, car repairs are time-consuming, expensive, stressful, and incredibly inconvenient. When you try to negotiate with the dealer about your options, you will likely be met with arguments, frustration, and confusion, when all you want is a working car. When this happens, you may have one remedy for the situation: the law.

A car that spends more time in the shop than on the roads might be a lemon. Under California law, you may be entitled to compensation from the dealer, or even the manufacturer, for your car's poor performance. Car dealerships are strictly concerned with selling their products, so when it comes to time to review warranties or conduct repairs on your vehicle, you may not find the same friendly faces that sold you your car. An attorney can help. We are passionately dedicated to helping consumers stand up for their rights, and receiving the compensation they deserve.

California's Lemon Law

Navigating California's Lemon Law can be a complex process. While many attorneys may believe they know this area of law, there are a number of myths and misconceptions surrounding the law and how it can be used. This area of law requires a practiced touch. When it's your car and your livelihood being held down by the dealership runaround, you will want an attorney who knows this area of law front to back.

We have two focuses as attorneys: the Lemon Law, and getting our clients the best results we can. We have honed our focus on these particular types of cases to maximize our potential. From Fords to Hondas to Maseratis, we are unafraid to challenge both dealers and manufacturers for fair and proper compensation.

If you are involved in a troublesome struggle with your car dealer, or if your car is constantly in and out of the shop, you may be entitled to a full refund or other forms of compensation. Contact us for a consultation today!