Car dealers are notorious for lying, cheating, and doing whatever they can to take advantage of consumers in order to make a buck. This is why nobody likes dealing with dealers. Dealers use so many dishonest tactics that there is no way an average consumer can be aware of them all. Dealer fraud can occur in many ways from vehicle advertisements to the sales process to the financing and approval. Common types of fraud include:  

  • Hidden fees and charges
  • Sneaking high priced options into the purchase contract
  • Not disclosing facts about the vehicle's history
  • Bait and Switch - Advertising certain vehicles to lure you to the dealership when those vehicles are not available to sell
  • Representing a used car as new
  • Odometer Fraud
  • Undervaluing your trade-in vehicle
  • Not disclosing the vehicle was in an accident
  • Not disclosing the vehicle was used as a taxi or rental car
  • Not disclosing the vehicle was a lemon law buyback
  • Not disclosing the vehicle has a salvaged title
  • Forging contracts 
  • Lying about the terms of the contract
  • Promising you a certain interest rate and then not offering it
  • Representing the vehicle has certain warranties when it does not
  • Misrepresenting the source, sponsorship, or affiliation of a car
  • Representing that a car is of a particular standard or quality when they are not
  • Advertising autos with intent not to sell them as advertised
  • Representing that a part or repair service is needed when it is not

California has laws in place to protect consumers from these deceptive tactics and practices. The Car Buyer's Bill of Rights, The Consumer Legal Remedies Act, The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, and The Business and Professions Code give consumers tremendous power and rights.

At The Lemon Lawyer, we've helped consumers with many kinds of dealer fraud. We're familiar with dealers and know the tricks they use.

If you think that you're a victim of fraud or feel uneasy about an experience you had with a dealer, you're instincts are probably right. Contact us for FREE. You very will may be entitled to cancelling your contract, getting your money back and even punitive damages.


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