While the majority of luxury automakers specialize in sedans and executive cars, Land Rover stands apart from the rest thanks to its specialization in luxury four-wheel-drive vehicles. Founded in 1948 as The Rover Company, the Land Rover brand changed hands multiple times before merging with Jaguar in 2013. The Land Rover is an icon in the United Kingdom, and the vehicle was even awarded a Royal Warrant by King George VI in 1951. Today, they are marketed worldwide.

Popular Land Rover Models

Land Rover is likely best known for its Range Rover line. A full-sized luxury 4-wheel drive SUV, the current Range Rover was released in 2012 but is in its fourth generation. Many consider it the spiritual successor to the original Land Rover.

The Range Rover has spawned a number of variants including the Range Rover Evoque. A subcompact SUV, the Evoque was first released in 2011 as an alternative to the much larger standard Range Rover. There are plenty of options with the Evoque; it comes in a five-door model, a three-door model, and there is even a version with a convertible top.

Larger than the Evoque but smaller than the standard Range Rover is the Range Rover Velar. A compact luxury crossover, the Velar was first released in 2017. It comes with five doors and is similar in design to the Jaguar XE.

Land Rover's only midsize SUV offering, the Land Rover Discovery has been in production continuously since 1989. It has previously been marketed in North America as the LR3 and the LR4, but it has since dropped the numerical names. It is currently the longest continuously produced vehicle in Land Rover's line-up.

Land Rover Safety Ratings

While Land Rover is generally well-regarded when it comes to safety, it can be difficult to compare them to their competitors given the company does not submit their vehicles to IIHS testing. Be that as it may, the results of the impact testing from European regulators give Land Rover vehicles strong marks for safety. Under the Euro New Car Assessment Program, the Range Rover was given a perfect five out of five stars. It includes comprehensive airbag coverage for the driver as well as passengers, and is known for its stability thanks to cornering brake control.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport, a compact version of the Discovery, was also awarded five stars upon its release in 2014. That placed the vehicle first in its class for safety.

Recalls, Defects, and Safety Issues

Land Rover may have earned a reputation for safety, but that doesn't mean their record is spotless. Land Rover vehicles have had a number of serious safety issues and defects, many of which were eventually addressed by recalls. If you want to see the recalls that might affect your vehicle, check out the official Land Rover site and search using your VIN number. To see some of the recent safety issues that Land Rover owners have faced, read on below.

Emissions Problems

All Land Rover vehicles are designed to comply with the emissions requirements in each country the vehicle is marketed in. Unfortunately, the automaker has identified at least 44,000 vehicles who may not meet the greenhouse gas emissions requirements of multiple countries. According to the recall, affected vehicle owners have been contacted in order to make necessary repairs. These emissions issues are a reminder of the fraudulent emission reading scandal that plagued Volkswagen in recent years.

Engine Stalling

More than 68,000 Land Rover vehicles have been affected by a defective crankshaft that can lead to engine stalling. An issue that has plagued the automaker for years, Land Rover issued a recall on January 1, 2019 for 42,000 Discovery 4 vehicles for model years 2009 through 2016. The issue was also present in Range Rover Sports manufactured from 2009 through 2013. The potential engine stalling stems from a faulty crankshaft. This defective part has the tendency to wear out or even break much sooner than expected. When a crankshaft fails, it will cause the entire engine to stall. This is a potentially dangerous hazard, as the stalling could occur while traveling at high speeds.

Disabled Emergency Brake

A software problem in 2018 model year Range Rovers and Range Rover Sports led to an October 2018 recall over the potential failure of the emergency braking system. The emergency braking system in these models is autonomous, which means that drivers may not necessarily learn of the problem until the brake fails to prevent a crash. According to Land Rover, a software fix can fix the failure without the need for further repairs.

Window Fog

More than 7,000 Land Rover Velar SUVs have been identified as having a problem with windows that will not unfog under certain conditions. This visibility issue can make it impossible to safely operate the vehicle. According to the recall notice, the issue is caused by a failure in the air inlet door linkages. These parts can detach, preventing the ventilation system from effectively clearing windows covered in fog or condensation. Complaints regarding this issue piled up from dealerships and owners alike, as neither heating nor cooling could prevent the problem.

Incorrect Fuel Gauge

A defect that affects the fuel light on 2017 Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, and Discovery models forced a recall after the issue led to engine stalling. The issue caused the fuel gauge indicator to illuminate even though there is ample gas in the tank. This issue is more than a mere inconvenience however, as the faulty gas reading could lead the onboard computer to stall the engine in an effort to protect the high-pressure fuel pump from damage.

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