Are you having problems with your vehicle or vehicle warranty? The Lemon Lawyer can help. We are focused on helping you get what you paid for. Here are some of the common situations we help drivers within Southern California. 

California Vehicle Lemon Law

Regardless of the make or model, if your vehicle came with a warranty, it is protected by California's lemon law. Our firm assists owners with everything from SUVs to luxury sedans. Our attorneys have a deep knowledge and understanding of all vehicles and their manufacturers.

RV Lemon Law

California's lemon law protects far more than just cars, trucks, and SUVs. In fact, it is broad enough to apply to RVs and mobile homes. These vehicles are sold with warranties just like other cars or trucks. If the manufacturer refuses to make the necessary repairs under warranty, or the repairs are taking too long, the Lemon Lawyer can help.

Motorcycle Lemon Law

Motorcycles, much like other vehicles, are generally covered by manufacturer warranties when they are sold. Motorcycle Lemon Laws are designed to protect you from common issues like electrical problems, oil leaks, and constant check engine lights.

Automobile Dealer Fraud Resources

Unfortunately, Automobile Dealer Fraud is a common occurrence in the state of California. Many dealers use unfair tactics like hidden fees, bait and switch, and outright fraud to cheat honest consumers. We can help you fight back.

Vehicle Recalls and Complaints

It seems like vehicle recalls and safety issues are released almost every day. At the Lemon Lawyer, we have plenty of helpful resources on finding recall information for your vehicle, help with the NHTSA recall process, and more.

Call for a Free Consultation with the Lemon Lawyer

The Lemon Lawyer is ready to answer your questions and help if you are being denied warranty repairs, experiencing deception, or have been defrauded by your dealer. To discuss the issues with your vehicle, contact The Lemon Lawyer today in Los Angeles or Orange County and speak with an attorney for free.

Don't Hesitate

The longer you let your car sit in the shop, the greater the cost is to you. If you think you may have a case, get in touch with one of our attorneys today.