The engine in a modern car is very complex and consists of many parts that need to work together to power the vehicle and enable the vehicle to drive. When there is a problem with the engine, the vehicle may stall, lose power, or even catch fire. If a driver loses the power from the engine while driving or is unable to accelerate an expected, the vehicle could be at risk of getting hit, seriously injuring the occupants.  

There can be a number of reasons why a car engine fails. In some cases, it is a defect with the vehicle, parts, or construction of the engine. The car company may be aware of the problem or defects but not recall the vehicle until after an NHTSA vehicle safety investigation or after there have been reported problems with the vehicle. If your vehicle has a defective engine or other engine problems, the California Lemon Lawyer may be able to help you get compensation, a replacement vehicle, or vehicle repairs.

Engine Systems in Cars and Trucks 

There are numerous parts of a vehicle engine, which can vary greatly depending on the design, power source, vehicle model, and other factors. Some of the main parts of most modern engines include the engine block, pistons and valves, connecting rods and crankshaft, camshaft, timing belt, spark plugs, gasket, and piston rings.   

There are a number of other vehicle parts that support the engine and allow the engine to operate as intended. This includes the fuel system, cooling system, oxygen sensors, oil, and lubrication. 

Together, the parts of the engine are supposed to provide regular and consistent power through igniting fuel in the engine to turn the wheels. Any defects in the engine can cause the engine to lose power, burn inconsistently, create friction and damage, or allow outside elements to damage the engine.   

Unfortunately for most consumers, they do not have the experience or training to detect engine problems and may have to wait until there are problems with the engine causing observable symptoms like smoke or rough riding before they find out about the issue. 

Common Engine Problems for California Drivers  

Drivers in California often have unique engine stresses that drivers in other parts of the country may not have to deal with. However, cars sold in California should be able to handle the traffic conditions, elevation changes, and challenging driving without putting drivers at risk of harm through engine defects or power failure. Some common areas of engine problems include: 

  • Fluid leaks, 
  • Oil leaks, 
  • Coolant leaks, 
  • Faulty wiring, 
  • Faulty gas cap, 
  • Faulty oxygen sensor, 
  • Faulty spark plugs, 
  • Oil pump damage, 
  • Substandard parts, 
  • Uneven or inconsistent air/fuel mixture,
  • Electrical problems,
  • Software problems, 
  • Welding defects,
  • Manufacturing defects, or
  • Faulty designs.

Engine Stalling

A number of Mazda vehicles have been recalled related to software problems that cause the engine to stall suddenly. A software error could cause the engine to stall without warning, which could potentially put drivers at risk of an accident. 

Transmission and Engine Problems

A number of Ford vehicles were recalled over transmission calibration issues that resulted in unintended downshifting of the vehicle. Other Ford vehicles had a discharge weld issue that could cause the vehicle to lose the ability to accelerate. These could put drivers at risk of an accident, including getting rear-ended, causing serious injuries. 

Engine Fires

Many Hyundai and Kia vehicles were involved in a recall due to engine issues. In a Kia recall, high exhaust gas temperatures could cause damage to the catalytic converter and other vehicle parts. Many Hyundais were also subject to a recall over concerns the engine could fail, resulting in a vehicle stall, placing passengers and drivers in danger of an accident. 

Additionally, some Chevy and GMC pickups were involved in a recall related to diesel engines and engine-block heaters. A faulty engine block heater cord could fail, increasing the risk of an engine fire. A fire in the vehicle could cause injury to the driver or passengers. A vehicle fire while the truck is parked in a garage or next to a home could increase the risk of the home setting fire.

California Lemon Lawyer for Vehicle Engine Problems  

California's Lemon Law provides protection for vehicle owners with defective engine designs and engine problems that could be dangerous to passengers and drivers. Contact The Lemon Lawyer today to help you understand your rights and options, including getting a refund, returning a faulty vehicle, free repairs or replacement, or other compensation for a defective car, truck, or SUV.

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