We take on car manufacturers and their dealers. That's all we do. That's what we're great at.

We are your California lemon law legal team. When your vehicle is constantly being worked on and not getting fixed by the dealer or manufacturer, you need a lemon law attorney to fight for you. At TheLemonLawyer.com our sole focus is helping consumers, like you, take on car dealers who don't honor their vehicle warranties.

We know it's disappointing to buy the car of your dreams only to find that it's really a nightmare because it has problems. In California, your car is your livelihood. You rely on your car to get to work, pickup your kids, and go shopping. You need your car to survive. Having car problems and being stuck with a dealer or manufacturer who will not, or cannot, fix the problems is unacceptable. You're busy. You have a million other things to worry about. You don't have time to waste arguing with a dealer.

At TheLemonLawyer.com, our lemon law attorneys will help you take on your dealer. Our goal in every case we handle is to get the dealer to either replace the defective car they sold or refund the buyer's money. Dealers are in the business of selling cars and clearing inventory. They do whatever they can to sell you a car, but when it comes to repairing your car, that's when their “excellent” service ends. That's where TheLemonLawyer.com and our California attorneys step in.

If you are stuck battling your dealer and your car isn't getting fixed, call us today for free at (844) 227-7762. Your time is valuable, so don't waste it on an uncooperative dealer. Contact us, let's chat, let us answer your questions, and let us help you. You've got nothing to lose.

Don't Hesitate

The longer you let your car sit in the shop, the greater the cost is to you. If you think you may have a case, get in touch with one of our attorneys today.