Vehicle defects and safety issues can affect any part or system of a car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle. Many of these defects can put the driver, passengers, and others at increased risk of injury or death. Some of the most common vehicle safety problems include the following.

  • Steering Problems
  • Suspension Problems
  • Wheel Problems
  • Airbag Defects
  • Engine Problems
  • Transmission Problems
  • Brake Problems
  • Seat Belt Problems
  • Self-Driving and Autopilot Problems
  • Electrical System Problems
  • Fuel Line Problems
  • Heating & Cooling Problems
  • Vehicle Leaks

Steering Problems

Problems with the steering system can lead to loss of vehicle control and increase the risk of a crash or leave the driver unable to avoid hazards on the road. Steering problems can be caused by electrical issues, fluid leaks, bad tires, suspension problems, wheel problems, or autopilot malfunctions. Vehicles with reports of steering problems include FordChrysler, Jeep, and Mazda.

Suspension Problems

Like steering problems, suspension problems can make it difficult for a driver to maintain control of the vehicle, possibly leading to a crash. Vehicles with suspension problems have included Toyota and Ford.

Wheel Problems

Wheel problems affect how the car is able to handle on the road. Wheel and tire problems can cause blowouts which lead to accidents or make it difficult for the driver to steer the vehicle. Vehicles with reported wheel problems have included VW and Hyundai.

Airbag Defects

Airbag defects have affected many vehicle brands, putting drivers at risk when an airbag fails to deploy or deploys suddenly when no collision was involved. Airbag defects have been reported in many vehicle types, including VW, Kia, Dodge, and Toyota.  

Engine Problems

Engine problems can cause stalling, starting failure, and shut-downs. This can leave vehicles unable to move on the roadway, putting the occupants in danger of getting injured or killed. Engine problems have been reported in Kia, Dodge, Land Rover, Honda, and Jeep.  

Transmission Problems

A transmission problem can cause a vehicle to lose control, move between park and reverse, or leave the driver unable to operate the vehicle. Transmission issues have been reported in many vehicles, including GMCHonda, and Toyota.  

Brake Problems

Brake problems leave drivers unable to stop, unable to slow down or lose the emergency brake. Brake problems have been involved in recalls, including VW, Land Rover, Mercedes, Nissan, and Ram.

Seat Belt Problems

A seat belt is one of the primary safety features and defects place passengers and drivers at risk of injury. Seat belt issues have been reported in Cadillac, GMC, and Chevrolet.

Self-Driving and Autopilot Problems

Self-driving, autopilot, and steering assist malfunctions can increase the risk of an accident. These safety problems have been reported in Tesla and Mercedes vehicles.

Electrical System Problems

Electrical system problems can affect many parts of the vehicle operation, increasing the risk of accidents in vehicles including Range RoverNissan, and Jaguar.

Fuel Line Problems

A fuel line problem can cause loss of power to the engine or increased risk of fire. Fuel problems have been reported in such cars as GMC, Cadillac, Range Rover, and Ram.  

Heating & Cooling Problems

Heating and cooling problems can cause engine problems or increase the risk of a fire. Heating and cooling safety issues have been reported in vehicle types which include BMW and Ford.  

Vehicle Leaks

Leaks can affect heating and cooling, the transmission, fuel line, and other vehicle operations. Vehicle leak recalls have involved AudiPorsche, Hyundai, and Jeep, among others.

California Vehicle Safety Defects

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